About Us

Business technology is the technology that is used within your business and includes information technology as well as office equipment such as photocopiers and telecommunications. Business technology is a critical component for any business and beachmallee technology services can ensure business technology contributes positively to the your business success.

Beachmallee Technology Services has been involved in the business technology industry for over 17 years and can utilise this experience to help your business technology decisions. Beachmallee Technology Services is experienced in dealing with all facets of the business technology specifically within Information Technology, ranging from operational through to management levels. It has a detailed understanding of business technology products and services and the know-how to implement these into relevant business operations.

Beachmallee can assist all levels of business and is independent and will work for the benefit of your business not the supplier of the service or product.

Owned and run by Brett McClintock (BappSc Comp, GradCertApplSc InfoTech), Beachmallee is based in Ballina in the Northern Rivers region of northern New South Wales.