Business Start-up Assistance

Giving your growing business the best start possible.

Beachmallee Technology Services recognises that one of the most important decisions you can make before starting a business is choosing the correct technology and data systems.

We commonly work with companies who have made an ill-informed decision regarding business technology systems in the infancy of their operations and paid the price later in proceedings. You’re busy enough without having to worry about why your printer connection always fails, or why the company data systems never retrieve the correct information.

Allowing Beachmallee Technology Services to manage these first technology steps will allow you to concentrate on other core start-up decisions.

Our business start-up services can control all or part of the following

  • Hardware purchases
  • Software purchases/compliance
  • Telecommunications
  • Email/Internet/Website
  • Training

Please refer to our rates page or contact us for more information on costs involved.